Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

Do you experience bladder leakage? You are not alone. One out of three women suffers from urinary incontinence. In Miami, gynecologist Dr. Michelle Starke and the team at The Center for Gynecology & Restorative Medicine can help – many times without medication or surgery.

Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation (PFMR) is a noninvasive, painless treatment for a wide range of bladder dysfunction that is covered by most insurance plans. It re-educates the muscles of the pelvis, with a 70-80% success rate of significantly improving symptoms.

PFMR treats the following conditions:

How Does Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation Work?

Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation combines office treatment and home exercise. The pelvic floor stimulation is performed in our office with a vaginal and/or rectal sensor. A mild electrical stimulus is used to stimulate pelvic muscles and causes a contraction of the pelvic muscles. This feels like a gentle tapping.

The initial treatment session takes one hour and involves a visit with our nurse practitioner. After the first visit you will be asked to return to the office for 30 minute sessions, usually once a week, for a total of 6-8 sessions. Most women notice an improvement in symptoms after 3-4 treatments.

If you experience incontinence, call The Center for Gynecology & Restorative Medicine in Coral Gables, FL today to get started with pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation at (305) 665-8188 or request an appointment online.

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